Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dogs, Planes, Automobiles, Earthquakes and World Cup

We are back in the United States.

Deja vu.....all over again.

But before I get to that, let's talk about World Cup. I rooted for the US, they got beat. I rooted for England, they got beat. I rooted for Brazil and a friend is not talking to me any more because they got beat. Then I rooted for Germany, and they lost.

So Sunday for the final I will root for NetherEspagne. Probably be the first game decided by a coin toss after the shoot outs.

We left Siem Reap on Sunday headed overland to Bangkok. Upon arrival at 1pm we walked the dog and got her ready to check in for out 7pm flight to LA. But when we got to the counter they asked us for our "export license" for the dog.

Export License? I booked through Thai Airways, confirming with them, and they with me what paperwork I had, never mentioning an "Export License". Well we got bumped. We had to go to the cargo terminal on Monday and get our license for Mikki. Took 2 hours and cost us $1.50. Much better than the $150 they hosed us for when we arrived.

We eventually found a hotel that allowed dogs and had a good nite's sleep.

We arrived in LA on Monday evening and were home by Tuesday morning at 2am. Only additional was the car from LA. Arriving on July 4, the cost was $80. Arriving on July 5 it was $125.

Thank you Thai Airlines.

So yesterday we had a very quiet, get rested day. Today we started getting some things done. Jill has lost 20 pounds and none of her clothes fit, so she had to go shopping. I had to take the computer in, pay the gardener, see the rental company, get some emails done, and clean up around the house.

So I was sitting in front of the TV watching "Law and Order" about 5pm when we got hit by a 5.4 earthquake, centered in Borego Springs about 28 miles from us.

Woke me up.

Scared the heck out of the dog.

Jill laughed and said, "Yep, we are back in California".

Tomorrow start working on my taxes.......yuck.

But good to be back in California. And we can't wait to be home Siem Reap.