Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Defusing His Past

I got a phone call at 10:30 last night from Boston.

The Christian Science Monitor was letting me know that an article was being published in the Tuesday edition about Aki Ra. Here's the link:


The title is "A Former Cambodian Boy Soldier Defuses His Past".

To those of you to whom I have spoken you may have heard much of what the reporter, Annie Linskey, writes. But you've never heard it in Aki Ra's words.

As Annie wrote, Aki Ra has "...resigned himself to get certified." Not just resigned, he's anxious to get certified, excited to be certified, and more than understanding of what CMAA wants of him.

I asked him once what he thought of all the other groups doing demining in Cambodia and he said "anyone clearing landmines is doing good work. Every mine they clear saves someone."

Let's hope he can return to the field and continue making his country safe for his people.

Bill (Babu) from Siem Reap


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Henry said...

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