Friday, October 24, 2008

In The Field!!

Aki Ra and CSHD are in the field clearing landmines. It has been a long and tedious process, one we sometimes were not sure could be accomplished; but with all of your help we did it.

Thank you.

Now the work really starts.

It doesn't cost us a lot of money to run our operation, but it's not cheap either. and we depend on small contributions from lots of people to make this stuff happen.

People like all of you. We don't have corporate sponsors. No celebrities have dropped in to endorse our work, and we haven't been around long enough (certified) to attract any foreign government grants.

Everything we get comes from friends and people who have gone out and raised money to help keep our program, and Aki Ra's dream of a safer Cambodia alive.

The LMRF pays no salaries.
The LMRF pays for no airplane tickets.
The LMRF pays for no hotels or meals for any of its volunteers.
We all cover our own costs. What you donate goes to support CSHD.

We had a fund raising effort going this fall. We wanted to raise $20,000 by October. In September the world found a new minefield called the economy and donations came to a screeching halt.

We'd raised about $12,000 before the ceiling fell in and donations dried up. Aki Ra and the team need your help to keep the team in the field. We have enough money in the bank to operate for the next month or so, but we need your help to continue and certainly to grow.

We rely on small donations from lots of people to make this happen. So please, dig a little deeper, and remember why you gave to begin with.

Click here to donate: (click on the PayPal button)
Stay tuned for a really cool announcement.

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