Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's Wednesday afternoon here and things, amazingly, are getting back to some semblance of normality after the terrible tragedy of last week.

The children have all returned to the Museum and are back to their ruoutines, which is good, since they need that structure, involvement and activity.

Mine and Amamtak are back in school. I'm not sure they quite yet grasp the fullness of their loss, but Aki Ra is there with them every day.

The deminers are back in the field and Yon, Aki Ra's brother has joined the team as a supervisor.

I visited Hourt yesterday with Babes Feddon, a representative of the Cambodian Mine Action Authority, seconded to them by the United Nations. He left a wreath and we went to the Museum where he paid his condolences to AKi Ra.

Word is just getting out over here about Hourt's loss as many were away from the cities for the holidays.

Thank you for all the donations to help pay for Hourt's funeral. Aki Ra and the family have been deeply moved by the outpouring from around the world.

More later

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