Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4 Bags and a Bark

Well, the dog is not enthralled with her travel kennel.

But after a couple of Xanax, she will spend as much time in it as I want. (Heck with 2 miligrams of Xanax I'd probably let Jill ship me to Cambodia in a kennel). But dogs metabolize the stuff differently, so don't send me letters and emails. We are following the vets orders.

We leave in 5 daze for Siem Reap. We've packed our bags and are washing clothes every 2 days. What we're wearing now will stay here.

We've packed up the house, and gotten it ready for the renters we hope are coming.

We've shampooed the carpets and scrubbed the grout.

We've painted the bedrooms and put in solar screens in the living room and the den

We got new cushions for the backyard.

We bought a new grill.

We cleaned out the garage.

Hold on........I don't think I want to leave........

I talked to my amigos in Siem Reap this week. Our little house is ready. The water works. The electricity is on and on Thursday they hook up the Internet and the TV. I may be moving to Cambodia, but I AM moving there to work. We'll have room for guests, so if you want to come, call and make a reservation. haha

We leave Sunday from LAX and fly direct to Bangkok. Then we have an 8 hour car ride to Siem Reap. We'd fly, but the plane is not pressurized and it would be tough on the puppy. So we have a taxi driver picking us up in Bangkok and driving us to the Cambodian border and then a friend picking us up at the border and driving us to Siem Reap. Should arrive about 30 hours after we leave LA. About the same amount of time it normally takes me to get into LA on a busy day.....

Lots of good things happening after a very rough year.

Now we just need to raise the other $10k for the new truck.

Babu (almost) in the jungle

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