Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boots on the Ground

CSHD has finished its first year demining. Let me tell what we have all done:
  • We cleared over 163,000 square meters of land.
  • We cleared 75 landmines
  • We put over 2,400 people back on land that was killing them
  • We did it for $4,313 per month!

Now maybe 75 landmines doesn't seem like a lot. It cleared land in 4 villages. It freed the population from the fear of death and dismemberment. It changed the lives of over 2,400 people. It is a huge accomplishment.

How much did that cost us? $26 to change a life!

That is what you have accomplished. That is what your donations do. They put 'Boots on the Ground'. And those boots are changing lives.

This year we intend to add a second team. It'll be run by Sophary, who graduates from university in July with a degree in accounting. She wants start an all woman team, to work alongside our current demining team.

You can help Sophary make this happen.

Watch a new video on CSHD. Here is the link:

Arkoon Babu


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