Wednesday, April 28, 2010

G'dao na!!!


In English that means it is freakin HOT over here.

The weather report for this week says that the last 3 days have been the hottest of the year.

Today the temperature is about 95, but feels well into the 100s. And the humidity is runing in the 80% range. Our house is dark inside with high ceilings and ceiling fans, so it feels a bit better. BUT the a/c in the bedroom is on the fritz and working only at about 50% efficiency. I have the repairman coming out today at 2 to take a look at it. Money is no problem in getting that thing fixed!

Today is the Buddha's birthday and a holiday in Cambodia. Buddhist monks from throughout Asia are meeting at Angkor Wat this week. This morning Jill and 3 others went to Bayon Temple at 7:30 to give gifts of food to the monks. I was a bit under the weather and stayed home (and slept). There were thousands of people there today, many arriving as early as 3am to be able to feed the visiting monks. Jill and I bought 100 packets of noodles (like Top Raman - for $10) and she distributed them along with a bit of money.

Mikki, our dog, is dealing as well as can be expected with the heat. We thought we'd have to cut her coat (she's a border collie) but she's shed most of her undercoat and has found the coolest places in the house.

We got real decadent over the weekend and bought a vacuum cleaner. We're running out of tape to pick up the dog hair, and there are just places we can't clean well with a broom. My car also needs to be vacuumed pretty regularly. I brought a Dust Devil back with me from the states earlier this month, but the motor burned up in the 220v system here. Ah well......

More holidays are coming this next week, including the planting festival where King Sihimoni plants a field to open the planting season. It happens at the Elephant Terrace at Angkor Wat. We will be there for that.

We've pretty much had visitors since the first of the year. Most recently Pierre Odier, a buddy from the Adventurers Club of LA was here for 2 weeks. We're not expecting anyone else til fall, but if you want to visit, let us know.

More later
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