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It has been a hectic and busy few days since I last had a chance to post anything. On Thursday the 23rd CNN announced the Top 10 Heroes for 2010.
The announcement was made at 1pm Eastern Daylight Time, very convenient for those of you in the US and Europe.
It was midnight over here........
About a dozen of us got together at a local hang-out for expats, the Warehouse. We tuned into CNN at midnight ... and got the regular, hourly news report. Oh No! I'd been telling people for days to get up at midnight and see if Aki Ra was chosen. A bunch of the staff from the Landmine Museum had even driven into town and were at Aki Ra's house to see the show.
I got a little nervous......
Then I called my mother..... They were watching in the US and told me that CNN had announced that 'sometime' during the hour the announcement would be made.
About 12:40 in the morning we all started screaming at the barkeep to turn down the music and turn up the TV....the announcement was coming.
About 10,000 people were nominated as CNN Heroes this year. To have Aki Ra chosen in the Top 25 was an amazing honor. To be chosen as one of the Top 10 was, well, just stunning.
I first saw CNN Heroes a couple of years ago and I always thought Aki Ra should be nominated.
In June I sat down at my computer and filled out the on-line nomination form.
Then I pretty much forgot about it. I knew that in 2009 around 9,000 people were nominated and the odds were .... well ......
Later in June, just before Jill and I headed home we were notified that Aki Ra had been chosen as one of the 25 to be featured on the website and CNN TV.
The 'winner', and that's a bad word to use, since all the nominees have already proven themselves huge winners, will be chose by viewers in on-line voting. You can vote at CNN Heroes . (You can vote more than once).
The Tribute show will be broadcast Thanksgiving nite at 8pm EST. For those of us outside the US, that's Thursday 25 November at 8pm, New York time.
The show will be taped at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. They've held the Academy Awards there several times.
Aki Ra and I will fly to LA a few days before the celebration and return to Cambodia to watch it at 8am on Friday the 26th at my house. We'll have about 50 people there.
Should be a blast.
It certainly is an honor.
More as the craziness starts.......
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