Saturday, September 1, 2007

Phnom Penh

Well, I got here.

30 hours and 3 plane rides do indeed take a toll on this old body of mine.

Had a 7 hour layover in San Srancisco and then a 12 hour flight to Taipei. A couple of hours later I was on the final leg into Cambodia.

Flying into Phnom Penh was just amazing. It's the rainy season here and the Mekong is flooding. Water everywhere. I've only been here in the dry season before and it was pretty different. It's almost hard to tell where the real Mekong is located.

I'm staying right downtown, across the street from the US Embassy where I have meetings on Tuesday with the AID Officer and the RSO (Regional Security Officer). I want to discuss how to build a recycling plant in Cambodia and I'm interested in how the RSO sees the security situation here. I've talked with Richard and Aki RA and I have traveled to some smaller villages, but always with a group or Aki Ra.

Well, I'm gonna cut this short. I am really beat.

Weather is great. About 88. It was 119 in the desert this week. Even though there is a lot of humnidity here, it is much nicer than palm Springs in August.

More later.

Bill (chilling in PP) Morse

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