Monday, September 3, 2007

Phnom Penh

Monday Morning

Well, I thought it rained hard on Saturday. Ha - nothing like yesterday. The skies opened, thunder, lightening and I couldn't see across the street. It just came down n buckets.

Luckily it happened after I had gone out on my little shopping trip.

I left yesterday afternoon, after listening to the USC/Idaho football game on my computer, and went to the Russian Market. They call it the Russian Market because it used to carry stuff from the Eastern Block. Crowded like a souk. Shoulder to shoulder people and all the stuff you can imagine. Clothes, watches (need a $15 Rolex?), and tons of food, fresh vegetables and souvenirs. What costs you $30 in the hotels you can get for about 1/10th the price in the Russian Market.

My tuk-tuk driver, Mr. Anet, gave me his business card so I can get in touch with him anytime I need to get around town.

I stayed at the Russian Market for an hour or so and left without buying anything, and had Mr. Anet, who was waiting patiently for me at one of the entrances take me to the Central Market.

The Central Market is located in a large colonial style building in the middle of town. (What, you thought the Central Market was on the outskerts of town?) If you are looking for jewelry, watches or a sauna, this is the place. I wound up buyig just a couple of Khmer scarves and then I headed back to the hotel.

Just after I got back the skies opened and it rained for several hours.

Glad I had a book to read.

Well today I have a meeting at Acleda Bank with its MD, Mr. Inn Channy. I have a couple of things I want to go over with him.

Well, that's about it for now. Maybe more later.

Bill out

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